Operational bulletins

United Cargo Resumes Service in Bermuda    05/11/17

United Cargo is pleased to announce we are resuming service at L.F. Wade International Airport in Bermuda (BDA). United Airlines serves Bermuda with daily Boeing 737 flights to and from our New York hub at EWR.

Customers who wish to book shipments or obtain more information on our service in BDA should connect with Jett It, United Cargo’s sales partner. Jett It is a recognized leader in air services in the region, and they also serve as United Cargo’s sales partner for Caracas (CCS) and Belize (BZE). Their contact information is:

305-777-3551 Extension 8001

United Cargo’s respected and experienced service partner in BDA is Cedar Aviation Services Limited. Shipments originating and terminating BDA on United can be tendered and recovered at the following location:

Service Partner:
Cedar Aviation Services
L.F. Wade International Airport
St. George, DD03
Phone Number:
+1 441 293 9192
Fax Number:
+1 441 293 9192
Hours of Operation:
0900-1700 – Seven days a week

Acceptable forms of payment for outbound shipments are prepaid on a United Cargo account or valid credit card; inbound collect shipments are not allowed. HM Customs is available in Bermuda for the clearance of inbound shipments from 0900-1700 Monday through Friday. Clearance is also available on Saturdays during these hours for perishable shipments only.

United Cargo appreciates your business and thanks you for your support. We look forward to providing fast, secure and reliable shipping to and from BDA.

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