Flight and truck schedule

Schedules for our wide-body and narrow-body aircraft flights and trucking are listed below in both Microsoft® Excel™ spreadsheet and Adobe Acrobat® PDF™ formats. These schedules are provided to assist you with future planning beyond our fourteen day advance booking period. All flight schedules and equipment types are subject to change without notice. Always check the web site Find schedules or Check availability tool to ensure that the desired flight is operating and the equipment type appropriate for your shipment is being used. For more information, please contact us.

Date Title File type/size

02/12/2018 Widebody Schedules (PDF) 50.127kb

02/12/2018 Complete Schedules, including Widebody, Narrowbody and United Express® (Excel spreadsheet) 1683.968kb

02/12/2018 Truck Schedules (PDF) 95.599kb

02/12/2018 Truck Schedules (Excel spreadsheet) 154.112kb